Sunday, January 9, 2011


Finally...I updated my blog...
Finally...I went Typica...

Tired now...Should i continue watch or just go and sleep?!

(to be continue....)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Last day in ROMPIN

100424: Today we woke up earlier for the dan wong...wait at the beach there, but that day the dan wong was not as beautiful as the previous day. We still wait at there, that dan wong raise up slowly. I love to watch the sun that is not HOT. Went for breakfast again, funny things happened again~there were another gang of teenagers went there. So, maybe would recognize wrong. not your fault...but it was quite embarrassing i know~puwaha XP

After breakfast some went for cycling. Is such a long time i didn't cycling, so i have to play 99!!! San Regine WeiWei Janize Tham & Me went for cycling. We ride back our old place, rest there, enjoy the last few more hours at there.
We sing We laugh.
我要你陪着我, 看着那海龟水中游~
慢慢的爬在沙滩上, 数着浪花一朵朵~
你不要害怕, 你不会寂寞~
我会一直陪在你的左右, 让你乐悠悠~


We have our last water ball match. Tham you really very very PRO loooo~~your ball really pain de lo~!!! We enjoyed it~!!!! Pack our things, collect the clothes we dry outside. Check everything. Ride our bicycle back. Sit back to our car. Is time to back.

Before we back, of course we have to have our lunch. KFC!!

I really enjoy a lot at Rompin, of course the main reason is have you all.
PsyMassLo promise to be together FOREVER ya~!!!
Until the day we married, the day we give birth, the day we have FAMILY!!!
puwahahaha XP

o/s: Thanks Wenyee & San for the wishes and the notes ^^
Of course thanks to everyone who wished me ^^
My life is complete because of all of you XP

2nd day in ROMPIN

[Steal pic from Mimi Janize Jeffrey & Abby~puwaha XP]
100423: Early in the morning, heard someone said someone went to the beach and do what what what...sorry for my poor memory....Our room de kaki wake up ady, so we went to the beach to take photos too.
You all know how much i LOVE you all RIGHT?!...puwaha XP
We had our breakfast at '5-stars' hotel
Everyone were READY for the activities!!!
We went to the beach for kayak
Was Damn Damn fun to play kayak and i saw 2 ppl.....puwahahahah~!!! how was the sea taste?! After kayak, we jumped into the swimming pool, 1st round de kaki were playing water ball there, i was so damn lazy to move~so...look at the scenery was more than enough for me. ^^ .
Enough play, is time to cabut. Of course we have to take photo first.
Back to our villa to clean up ourselves, went for the next activities, Horse Riding. That was a really HOT day *melted* I HATE SUN I HATE SUN. Change cloth, we were ready to the Wet Jungle Tracking....the process...disgusting funny disgusting dirty disgusting pain DISGUSTING but a good memories right ^^ at least we heard many people scream that "Oh~I kena ady!!!!" We did show our co-operative in the process. Cemone Regine WenYee Mimi run so fast back to villa and missed the most funny part in Rompin~puwahahahah~!!! XP those who went to the swimming pool~~remember those moment~? kekekekekeke~~~LMAO loooooo!!!

Back to our villa to bath & prepare for the dinner, we had a theme again~woohooo~~girls all Beach Wear...guys...cincai la~We had steamboat as our dinner. The food is quite....erm hrm....& the most disgusting thing was Janize told me that she saw LIZARD~!!! wt# totally ruin my mood~!!! Last but not least of course was our Group Picture~!!!
Say CHEESE people ^^
=Went to the beach to play our Light Painting=
^We Did Have Fun Right^
Mimi~When U became Abby....

End of 2nd day. So sad we are going to leave here.....

PsyMassLo -ROMPIN Trip

100422: After our final exam, PsyMasLo went for the end sem trip that planned for few weeks. We met at Mcd, we had our breakfast there. I Love Hot Tea *hearted*
This is our driver Mr.Jeffrey and other passengers Tham Abby YongSim WeiWei & ME!
Finally got one pic of Tham that shows his face~!!!
The journey to Rompin was quite tortured...almost 6 hours sat in the car...can't sleep well too. With the bored and tired mood at that never-end road, we REACHED SummerSet...FINALLY!!!!! Check in and we went to our villa. First question was why the bed facing the front door?! But then Wow Wow was followed by the time when we hanging around in our villa. "Wa~look at the view here." "Wa~see the bed." Overall is quite nice to stay but the floor is quite sticky. We asked for room service to clean it and we went for shopping~!! Nope, we went Kuala Rompin to seek for our dinner. This is an ulu place, no doubt. We simply choose a Chinese restaurant. Order some dishes and who knows we fall in love with that sotong *love*

Watch TV, Jalan-Jalan, Laughing, Unpack luggage....Stay in our villa...Okay, you all did surprised me, when i saw that sponge cake with ‘cream mountain’, i was totally SHOCKED!!!!! Cream Cream Cream~~argh~~~my face~~~argh~~~
My very very very very nutritious mask. *My lovely 21st cake*
Okay~i remembered who did this to me. ngek ngek *devil smile*
Anyway~I am 21st ady~!! Love You All~!! My Dearest PsyMassLo *muacks*
=Happy Birthday 2 ME=

Sunday, April 25, 2010

今天不是我生日, 是我妈的受难日




Saturday, August 29, 2009



너무 슬프다
눈물이 앞을 가리다




Sunday, August 9, 2009

Video Shooting

After clubbing, because of the GALS need to take care the GUYS, so we lack of sleep... on the morning, after we have our breakfast? lunch? we go back and rest for a while. Our next activities is helping a San their grp to shot video. I am the Sampat NEIGHBOR~wohou~230pm we get out from our house...SILLY ME...BCOME FATTER ==

Our Driver【still blur】

When we reach Regine's house...they start discussing about the scene... today i need to act wif KID~cute a NICK~i am waiting for my turn... wait until fall asleep~ play wif Zhun Zhun~so cute~~~


CUTE ler~i TIE de~puwahahahaha!!!!


Shot for a long time, Child's scene is so hard to control, we need sugar as temptation, praise him well done, but he really did a NICE JOB! cool guy~and a cute child also~LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! we shot until evening... lastly is my scene... i still cant get rid of SAMPAT this word and FUNNY face == OOOOWW~~~Take our grp photo~Lastly, we have our dinner at where~? i dont rmb da name~pan mee...日本拉面~Not bad WO~~~~~~~